Dojo: Javascript Toolkit Reaches Version 1.0

Nov 07, 2007

The Dojo Foundation has just released version 1.0 of its Open Source toolkit for Javascript and Ajax.

The current release of the toolkit, which was first launched in 2004, includes several new features: Dijit widgets, that is, Dojos GUI components are now completely localized for 12 languages, and they support keyboard shortcuts.

The Dojox graphics component now gives users the ability to based diagrams on Dojo’s generic 2D vector graphic layer "dojox.gfx". In the scope of Google’s Summer of Code "dojox.gfx3d" was developed for 3D diagrams. Grid is another new features that emulates the tables in a spreadsheet, including sorting and virtual scrolling.

Dojo: Toolkit for Javascript and Ajax.

Further Dojo features include its own package system, client and server-side data storage, and asynchronous communications with the server – an essential item for Ajax.

The Dojo Foundation, which promotes the development and propagation of the toolkit, is a recognized charity based in the USA. Its members include IBM, Sun, BEA and AOL, all of which contribute code and use Dojo in their products.

The toolkit is available on a dual license, the BSD license for business and the Academic Free License (AFL). It is available download as a compressed tarball.

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