Enlightenment 0.26.0 Has Improved Stability and New Features

Dec 28, 2023

The latest version of the open-source lightweight window manager, compositor, and desktop shell has arrived with plenty of improvements and features.

After all these years, it's hard to believe that Enlightenment has yet to reach version 1, but for those who enjoy a unique and configurable desktop, a new release has become available.

Version 0.26.0 was treated to several bug fixes. The developers' primary goal was to bring more stability to the desktop to improve the user experience. However, along for the ride, a few new features did slip into the mix.

Those features include the addition of a Display Data Channel (DDC) setting for backlight configurations to enhance screen brightness, bigger task previews and improved open application overview, a watermark for Window Manager Mode (so the user will know when the desktop is running in the experimental wl mode, support for file action in EFM (Enlightenment File Manager), support added for the logind lock/unlock Dbus APIs, and more.

Another important addition focuses on settings security. By adding support for the new eet disk sync API, Enlightenment settings all configurations are stored properly and more securely.

To improve performance, a new watchdog thread was added (and enabled by default), to manage mainloop hangs. This should go a long way to improving system reliability.

Although this release doesn't introduce any game-changing features, everything does come together to create a more responsible, reliable, and performant desktop.

If you're a fan of Enlightenment, you should enjoy this point release. However, don't expect it to hit your favorite distribution repository immediately. This release depends on EFL version 1.27.0 or later, which means you'll have to build Enlightenment 0.26.0 manually.
To read more about the latest release, check out the official notes from the development team.



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