FOSDEM Video: Listening, Asking, Testing at the Conference

Feb 19, 2009

Linux Magazine Online takes you out for a walk at FOSDEM 2009 in Brussels.

The video takes you on a virtual journey to the Free and Open Source Software Developer's European Meeting (FOSDEM). The conference took place on February 7 and 8, more than 5000 visitors where joining in.

A virtual journey to FOSDEM 2009.

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  • Video - Sound is back on!

    Now you can watch AND listen till the end of the video.
  • Sound problem

    We're working on it!
  • Sound problem

    Plz fix the sound problem !

  • Web audio video conferencing solution provider

    I agree with you its really cool, good attempt, keep it up.
  • Same error

    Exact same problem, the video mutes at 5:12, please fix the video.
  • Tks for the vid... dudes

    Tks for the vid , pretty cool but became mute at 5:12 for me, pls fixed that i would like to watch till the end..

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