Fedora 35 is Shaping Up to Be an Impressive Release

Sep 27, 2021

Although the beta version of Fedora’s upcoming release is behind schedule, the Linux distribution is still slotted for October and will include numerous bug fixes and some exciting new features.

Fedora 35 is the next iteration coming from the developers and although it might not include the same level of game-changing, workflow-enhancing features found in 34 (thanks to GNOME 40), there’s plenty to be excited about.

One of the more notable changes comes by way of improvements to the NVIDIA proprietary driver. Red Hat has been working diligently to help improve the NVIDIA/Wayland stack support and the changes in 35 should go a long way to improve desktop performance across the board.

Fedora 35 also brings high-resolution mouse wheel support that will provide a much smoother wheeling scrolling experience. This change comes by way of the work done on libinput. The distribution also recently shifted from PulseAudio to PipeWire and the system will see much maturation in this upcoming release.

GNOME will also add a “kiosk” mode, which can be applied to various use-cases (such as info boards and POS machines). The UI has been tweaked with the addition of the Libadwaita theme and power profiles are even more accessible.

Fedora Kinoite is another very interesting addition. This new Fedora variant is an immutable desktop OS that is like Fedora Silverblue but is based on the KDE Plasma desktop. The Silverblue project aims to be an extremely stable and reliable desktop and is an excellent platform for developers and container-focused workflows.

Download a daily build of Fedora 35 to get an idea of how the release is shaping up.

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