First Plasma Widgets Ported to Maemo 5

Oct 15, 2009

At the Maemo Summit in Amsterdam Nokia gave away 300 N900 Internet tablets to KDE and Qt developers. The result is the first porting of KDE programs to Maemo 5.

One of the fortunate developers who got a free N900 tablet for free for six months is Marijn Kruisselbrink from the Netherlands. He works primarily on KOffice, but as a fun side project he ported a few plasma widgets to Maemo 5, as he explains in his blog.

He describes the work as being fairly simple, only the transparent elements gave him some hours of work. All in all, only 20 lines of code allow practically all plasmoids to be used on an N900. Kruisselbrink still wants to clean up some of the code and then release it in KDE Playground.

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