Gnome 2.26 Includes Many Updates

Mar 19, 2009

After a several-month-long development period, Gnome 2.26 has been released. The Linux multi-platform desktop environment includes improvements to multimedia features and focuses on the stabilization and debugging of issues that plagued the software before the release of this version.

Among these improvements is the integration of Brasero as the default CD/DVD burning program for Gnome, replacing the previous program. Brasero’s capabilities expand upon previous qualities found in prior versions to include the ability to normalize audio CDs, support multi-sessions, and allow the user to perform integrity checks on the files burned. Noteably, Brasero also has a cover designing program.

An update to the file manager Nautilus now allows for simpler file exchange via WebDAV, HTTP, and Bluetooth. The standard email program Evolution now allows for Microsoft Outlook files (PST) to be imported more easily and supports the MAPI protocol from Microsoft Exchange.

Gnome’s video player Totem now has the ability to find videos from the Internet that are available via UpnP and DLNA, which is enabled by Coherence, an upgrade included in Gnome 2.26. Another noteworthy upgrade is the addition of Pulse Audio, which allows the volume of individual applications to be controlled independently of one another by enabling separate configuration of the individual audio settings of each application.

Empathy is the default instant messenger for Gnome 2.26 and includes a video function. This application uses Telepathy to control file transfer and chat room invite support. Codecs Speex and Theora enable VoIP via the Jingle protocol.

Additional updates, bug-fixes, and improvements are described in detail in the release announcement. Also, you can download a Live CD via the Gnome torrent site, or you can install Gnome with the help of Garnome and Jhbuild directly from the source. A simpler solution would be to have a look at the distribution list to see where Gnome is offered, as the first sources for Gnome 2.26 will appear there first.

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