Gnome Zeitgeist with New User Interface

Sep 17, 2009

The tracker daemon Gnome Activity Journal called Zeitgeist has a new user interface.

Screenshot Gnome Zeitgeist
Forgotten what you did yesterday? The Gnome Activity Journal knows....

Along with the Gnome shell, Zeitgeist is one of the main changes planned for the release of Gnome 3.0. The UI was introduced by Seif Lofty in his blog.

Lofty's images show how the journal remembers individual files and activities, and for example, how to gain access to older versions or simply record what happened when. According to Seif, Zeitgeist developers are working on the integration of ontology as used by Nepomuk, to create a suitable interface for KDE.

The new Activity Journal UI can be found on Ubuntu's Launchpad, in the new interface branch, and the source code can be reached via the command, bzr branch lp:~gnome-zeitgeist/new-interface.

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