Google Code-in Contest Kicks Off

Nov 22, 2010

Google Code-in (GCI) contest encourages pre-university students between the ages of 13 and 18 to begin participating in Open Source Development.

Recently Google announced its Code-In contest and provided links to the tasks and mentoring organizations. According to the published timeline, GCI started November 22, 2010 and will end on January 10, 2011.

Tasks are based on the following areas: Code, Documentation, Outreach, Testing, Research, Training, Translation, User Interface.

The Apertium Project, The Battle for Wesnoth, Debian Project, Dragonfly BSD, Drupal, GNOME, Haiku, KDE, LimeSurvey, MoinMoin, Mono Project, OSUOSL, Parrot Foundation and The Perl Foundation, Plone Foundation, RTEMS Project, Sahana Software Foundation, Tux4Kids, VideoLAN, WordPress, and WorldForge are participating as mentoring organizations.

What do students get for successfully completing tasks? Prizes include t-shirts, certificates of participation, and monetary amounts up to US$500. Ten "Grand Prize" winners to be awarded an all-expenses paid trip (with a family member) to Google Headquarters.

GCI has a Frequently Asked Questions and the Rules page as well as discussion list to help answer any questions you may have.

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