HP Plans webOS-Powered Tablet Early Next Year

Aug 20, 2010

A Microsoft product is also in the works.

HP executive Todd Bradley confirmed via a company Q3 2010 earnings call that HP will indeed release a webOS-powered tablet in Q1 2011.

"You'll see us with a Microsoft product in the near future and a webOS-based product in early 2011," Bradley said in response to a direct question about the status of an HP tablet.

It wasn't long ago that HP cancelled their plans to release a Windows Mobile tablet, dubbed the Slate, because of dissatisfaction with Microsoft's mobile operating system. HP then moved forward with the Slate, only with Palm's webOS as the operating system. Bradley's announcement makes it clear that HP isn't completely done with Windows on a tablet.

HP's plans to use webOS as a connective fabric between devices such as printers, phones, and tablets continues to move forward. Whether the tablet that Bradley referred to during the conference call, is uncertain.

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