Hybrid Netbook with Linux and Windows 7 from Lenovo

Jan 07, 2010

Lenovo presented a hybrid netbook with Intel CULV processor and a tablet usable display with integrated ARM CPU at the CES in Las Vegas. The operating system is Windows 7 for the netbook and Linux for the tablet.

At first glance the Lenovo IdeaPad U1 looks like the usual netbook. Even in its flipped open state it doesn't offer much special for Linux fans, seeing that it uses Windows 7 as its platform.

What is special to the U1 hybrid is the display. It has a completely independent second system with ARM processor on Snapdragon and can be used separely from the netbook. Removing the tablet from the netbook makes it run independently as a Linux system with touchscreen and about eight hours of battery time. The Linux is a home-grown version from Lenovo called Skylight, which was also recently presented at the CES in a netbook incarnation.

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