Improved Statistics Module for Webmin

Sep 14, 2007

Version 0.11.0 of Webminstats, a statistics module for the Web-based administration tool, has just been released.

According to the developers the new version has far better performance: the program no longer completely parses updated logfiles, but simply the new lines in the files.

Despite the low version number, the developers say that Webminstats is ready for productive use. The Webmin module can generate diagrams for a wide range of system information and services, such as CPU load, mailbox sizes, statistics for Amavis, Firewall and Snort. It offers hourly, daily, weekly and monthly overviews, and supports customized periods. The program draws on RRDTool as its engine and for drawing graphs.

Webminstats is GPL'd and is available from the project homepage in the form of a zipped tarball.

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