KDE Plasma 5.27 Slated for a Valentine's Day Release

Feb 13, 2023

The next version of the KDE Plasma desktop is prepped and ready with numerous improvements and plenty of bug fixes.

The next KDE Plasma desktop has arrived and promises to deliver a remarkable experience for one and all.

Most of the newness added to the desktop comes by way of improvements and bug fixes, so you won't find a plethora of new features, but there are some worth noting.

There is a new Flatpak Permissions Settings option in the System Settings tool and a new Welcome to KDE Plasma app that helps guide new users on how to set up online accounts and more.

In this release, however, new features are overshadowed by improvements and bug fixes. Some of the improvements include support for high-resolution scrolling in Wayland; the battery monitor now shows statuses for charging, discharging, and fully charged; Dolphin now selects the next file when you delete a file; and the Discover Flatpak backend is considerably faster.

In addition, the System Settings window decorations now use a more modern "frameless" style (as opposed to the previous tabbed view); the display configuration widget is now found in the System Tray and is inactive when you have only one attached monitor; a multi-monitor revamp has also been undertaken, to make working with multiple displays far more reliable; a Hebrew calendar has been added to the Digital Clock popup; and the KWin Tiling System can be launched with Meta-T.

You can find out more about what can be found in the new update from the official release notes. If you want to experience the latest KDE Plasma, your best bet is via KDE Neon testing ISO.


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