KDE’s Plasma 6 Officially Available

Mar 04, 2024

KDE’s Plasma 6.0 "Megarelease" has happened, and it's brimming with new features, polish, and performance.

Plasma 6.0 has arrived! Along with it comes Frameworks 6 and Gear 24.02, making this a "megarelease." Two of the biggest changes for the Plasma desktop include the migration to the latest version of the Qt application framework and the migration to Wayland.

Although the desktop may not look vastly different than what you're used to (besides a default floating panel and a refreshed default theme), there have been a lot of "under the hood" work that has greatly benefitted the security, efficiency, and performance of Plasma.

As far as the new features are concerned, you'll find a new Overview effect, partial support for High Dynamic Range (HDR), accessibility improvements, new wallpaper, new options for panel configuration (such as intelligent auto-hide mode), new defaults (such as tap-to-click, single-click to open files and folders, new sound theme, and the return of the desktop cube – huzzah!), scrollbar now scrolls to the clicked location, customizable Plasma Search, and more.

For those interested in trying Plasma 6 right now, the best option is to install KDE Neon, but you can expect version 6 to hit the default repositories soon.

To read more about the "megarelease," make sure to check out the official announcement.


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