Keynote Speakers for the KDE/Gnome Conference Finalized

Jun 16, 2009

The first joint conference with KDE and Gnome is set to kick off on July 3rd on the island vacation destination Grand Canary. Richard Stallman is expected to attend for the opening of Guadec and Akademy.

In the first week of July , hundreds of KDE and Gnome developers will meet in Grand Canary for the combined desktop summit from KDE and Gnome. The schedule will include over 100 lectures and countless BoF meetings.

The keynote speakers have also been finalized: Robert Lefkowitz from the Association for Computing Machinery will hold the first lecture, followed by Walter Bender from Sugar Labs, and Richard Stallman for the FSF. After lunch yet another keynote speech will be given by Jakub Pavel of Nokia. Nokia, along with Trolltech and Maemo, is the main sponsor of the event and arose from the merging of the annual KDE Conference Akademy with the annual Gnome developer meeting Guadec. For Linux Magazine Online and its sister site, Mathias Huber will be reporting live on site.

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