Knoppix 7.4 Released

Aug 11, 2014

Klaus Knopper announces the latest version of his iconic Live Linux system.

Klaus Knopper has announced the release of the latest Knoppix Live Linux distro. Knoppix 7.4 comes with Linux kernel 3.15.6, LibreOffice 4.3, and a comprehensive collection of useful troubleshooting and system rescue utilities.
Knoppix is the original Live Linux distro, and it is used worldwide as a tool for troubleshooting downed Windows and Linux systems. The DVD edition comes with a vast array of end-user and network management tools, making Knoppix a fully functionally desktop Linux that just happens to run from the DVD. The tool collection is designed for convenient operation in heterogeneous environments. You can access SMB/CFS volumes easily with the smbmount-knopppix search and mount utility. Knoppix also comes with Wine 1.7 for running Windows programs and supports easy desktop export with VNC and RDP.
See the Knoppix website for more information.

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