Linux Deepin 20 Released

Sep 14, 2020

One of the most beautiful Linux distributions on the market has been refreshed.

Fans of elegant desktops rejoice, Deepin 20 has been released. But this new release isn’t just about refreshing the most beautiful desktop environment on the market, it also has a really nifty trick up its sleeve that other distributions might consider taking advantage of.

Deepin 20 is built upon Debian 10.5 (aka “Buster”) and nearly every element of the user interface was improved: Icons, animations, multitask viewer, windows, and dialogs, every element of the desktop has been polished. You’ll find support for light and dark themes, color temperature settings, transparency adjustments, and an improved power/battery settings tools.

But the best feature found in Deepin 20 is the choice of kernels during installation. This new option allows users to select the kernel they want installed for the desktop. You can either opt for an LTS (Long Term Support) kernel or the 5.7 series. The one caveat to this is that the 5.7 series has already reached its end of life. So chances are pretty good you’d want to go with the LTS kernel. Hopefully, the Deepin developers plan on updating this such that the bleeding edge option at install will be capable of choosing a stable kernel that hasn’t reached EOL.

Finally, for NVIDIA users, the proprietary drivers are now working out of the box.

Even with that End of Life question looming over the 5.7 kernel, the 20th iteration of the desktop is even more beautiful and polished than ever.

Grab your copy of Deepin 20 and enjoy.

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