Linux Mint 21.3 Beta Available with Latest Version of Cinnamon

Dec 11, 2023

If you're a fan of Linux Mint, you'll be thrilled to find out that the beta version of 21.3 ships with Cinnamon 6 which includes some exciting changes.

Christmas has come early for Linux Mint fans because version 21.3 (aka "Virginia") is now available for download and testing.

The big ticket item for 21.3 is Cinnamon 6, which offers a Wayland session (for those interested in testing).

The Wayland session for Cinnamon 6 includes support for fractional scaling (with HiDPI screens) and plenty of other improvements/new features, such as an updated Sound applet (with support for the Telegram Desktop), support for AVIF images as desktop wallpapers, better handling of YouTube in Hypnotix IPTV player, window resizing from with the menu editor, window resizing and keybinding updates from within the Menu Editor, and plenty of bug fixes.

All of the in-house apps have received plenty of attention and the "Romeo" unstable software repository will be available to use to install bleeding-edge releases of apps.

Linux Mint 21.3 is based on Ubuntu 22.04, is powered by the 5.15 LTS kernel, and will receive updates until 2027.

You can download an ISO of the beta version and test it yourself. To learn more about the latest release from Linux Mint, check out the official release notes.


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