Mandriva Acquires New CEO

Apr 08, 2010

The Mandriva project has selected Arnaud Laprévote as its CEO. He replaces Stanislas Bois who is taking over as the firm's CFO.

Arnaud Laprévote came to Mandriva by an interesting route. His Free&ALter Soft company founded in 1996 became part of Linbox as Linbox FAS in 2001. Linbox, in turn, was acquired by Mandriva in 2007.

Starting off as R&D manager, Laprévote has now been promoted to CEO by Mandriva's board of directors. He will also hold the CTO and director of R&D positions.

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  • Mandriva

    Remember when Mandriva used to be relevant? Well, no, I guess Mandriva was never really relevant, but Mandrake once was.

    I used to be a pretty ardent supporter of Mandrake, and maintained my own custom package repository for my own use and that of my clients. But then they went off on this education tangent that went nowhere, and merged with Conectiva, and let Ubuntu get way ahead of them in terms of hardware support and user experience. They dropped the ball. Glad to see they're still around, but unless they continue to exist primarily as a Linux support provider for the French government, I kind of wonder what the point is.
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