MeeGo Releases 1.0 API for Netbook

May 19, 2010

Open source mobile API based on Qt 4.6.2.

MeeGo, the joint venture between Nokia's Maemo OS and Intel's Moblin project, announced the release of the 1.0 API for Netbooks. The application API is based on Qt 4.6.2 with the necessary dev libraries available in the MeeGo SDK virtual environment as well as the Qt Creator.

The Platform API gives full access to mobile features including messaging, multimedia and location services. MeeGo recommends that applications should use Qt 4.6.2 the execute these features whenever possible.

The Qt creator can be found here, while a comprehensive overview of the MeeGo OS can be found at Early developers should note that cross-platform compatibility for the Platform API libraries is not a certainty.

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