MontaVista Linux: One Second Startup

Jul 16, 2009

On the first day of the three-day virtual Freescale Technology Forum, MontaVista Software demonstrated that it take merely a second to start its Linux for embedded industrial applications.

MontaVista showed that it can achieve a boot time appropriate for mission-critical applications in the fields of medicine, automotive industry, aerospace and defense. MontaVista chief developer Jim Ready, in their press release, describes the "one second boot from cold power to operational status [as] a breakthrough in embedded Linux performance."

For the demo, MontaVista used the professional version of its homegrown Linux distro on an MPC5121e processor from Freescale. The Freescale Technology Forum runs from July 14-16 and is virtual to keep costs down, with the additional benefit that all presentations are free after an online registration.

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