NagAconda: Python Instead of Perl for Nagios Plugins

Feb 18, 2010

The NagAconda Python tool helps when writing plugins for the Nagios monitoring tool and is available in its first open release.

Because developer Shaun M. Thomas found programming Nagios plugins as "something of a black art," he wrote the NagAconda tool based on the Nagios plugin development guidelines to simplify the process. The Python program produces plugins usable by Nagios.

Thomas has now released version 0.1.1 on the Google code page. The program is under BSD licensing. Brief documentation on NagAconda is on the Python package archive page.

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  • Clever Pun

    Don’t know if anyone else has pointed this out, but apart from the obvious pun between “python’ and “anaconda”, there is also the word “naga” which is yet another word for “snake” in certain Indian languages.
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