New Stable Kernel

Aug 04, 2008

Kernel developer Greg Kroah-Hartman recently announce the latest stable kernel version. The Minor Update contains bugfixes, updates, and new drivers.

A number of patches are available for Video for Linux (V4L): the kernel now supports the integrated webcam in the Akoya Mini E1210 netbook, which needed manual installation in a test performed by Linux Magazine in early July. The closed source cx18 driver, which was added with the 2.6.26 kernel, has updated firmware by manufacturer Conexant in Another example of a change in the kernel update: the developers of Ath5k have withdrawn support for MSI (Message Signaled Interrupts) as this cannot be guaranteed.

The Changelog at has further details, and the numbers of lines with changes is revealed by the Diff view. The latest kernel is available as the normal patch collection (20KB), or as a tarball with a complete version (50MB); both are Bzip2 compressed.

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