Nitrux 3.0.0 Has Been Released

Sep 06, 2023

The latest version of Nitrux brings plenty of innovation and fresh apps to the table.

Nitrux is a Linux distribution based on Debian that is fairly young but is already making a big impression.

Codenamed "ut," Nitrux 3.0.0 brings some serious improvements to the operating system, which include new features, plenty of updates, and a number of performance optimizations.

The biggest changes come by way of the Nitrux Update Tool, which includes a rescue option that allows you to restore the root partition from a live session. This can be a real lifesaver should something go wrong during an update.

There also are plenty of tweaks to the Calamares installer (such as the disabling of auto-login by default), the removal of a deprecated kernel parameter, and a change to the order of execution of certain Calamares modules.

Other updates include Firefox 117.0, MESA 23.3, Nitrux Update Tool 1.1.3, Kernel Boot 0.0.7, NVIDIA Linux x64 display driver 535.104.05, AMD open-source driver for Vulkan 2023.Q3.1, zsync2 and libappimageupdte 2.2.0-alpha-1-20230831+nitrux, MauiKit and MauKit Frameworks 3.0.1.

You can download an ISO for installation from Sourceforge and read the full release notes here.


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