Novell Releases Mono 2.6 and MonoDevelop 2.2

Dec 17, 2009

The Mono framework compatible with Microsoft's C# .NET is available in version 2.6. Developers also upgraded its associated MonoDevelop environment to version 2.2.

Mono project leader Miguel De Icaza applies two keywords to the changes: cross-platform and debugger. MonoDevelop 2.2 also runs on Windows and Mac OS X. A feature matrix shows what works on Linux, Mac and Windows. The second big development is the Soft Debugger, available for UNIX and OS X and a part of Mono 2.6, that can be used from MonoDevelop and can debug ASP.NET, Moonlight and desktop programs as well as applications for iPhone/MonoTouch. The complete MonoDevelop features are described on a "What's new" webpage.

What's more, Mono 2.6 now provides autocompletion of C# shell commands and a security sandbox integrated with Moonlight.

The new framework release covers the API version 3.5 better and initial support for the upcoming C# 4.0 in .NET 4.0 is available at compile time. New language features include continuations and co-routines. The full list of features and changes are in the Mono 2.6 release notes.

Mono components are under GPL, LGPL, MIT-/X licensing as well as Microsoft's Ms-PL public open source license. Free downloads of Mono 2.6 als auch MonoDevelop 2.2 source code and various packages are available.

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