OggCamp and LugRadio Live 2009 this Weekend

Oct 23, 2009

This weekend, OggCamp and LugRadio Live will be held in Wolverhampton, England.

LugRadio Live is the most vibrant open source happening in England. Topics such as Linux, supercomputers and ''How to complain about usability'' will be handled at the event, garnished with live music on three stages and some prominent scene-guests. An overview of the discussions can be found on the project website.

LugRadio will overflow into the unconference OggCamp. Discussion topics will be decided upon spontaneously with free software and hacking the focus of attention. The name Ogg was chosen because the LugRadio event is to be transmitted as Ogg-stream.

Reports and recordings can be found on the Ubuntu UK podcast, and of course at lugradio.org.

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