Play .mkv and .xvid Video Files on Your Android Phone With RockPlayer

Aug 30, 2010

Android App Uses FFmpeg library to decode video

Android users know that the default media player leaves something to be desired. The player supports .mp4 and 3GP and that's about it.

Enter RockPlayer, which uses the robust (and open source) FFmpeg Library to decode video onto your Android device. RockPlayer handles almost any format supported by the FFmpeg library. The app displays content relatively well in standard definition, but HD video, particularly 1080p, slows the player to a crawl.

RockPlayer can be downloaded for free, but the free version is supported by advertisements and contains a small logo watermark that appears in the top-left corner at all times. A premium version of the app without the watermark or advertisements can be downloaded for US$ 9.99. Visit for more.

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