Qimo For Kids 2.0 Released

May 28, 2010

Kid-friendly Linux distro gets a new character, features.

Qimo For Kids, the Linux distro aimed at educating children, today received a minor upgrade in the form of Qimo 2.0.

Qimo 2.0 features support for multiple accounts and replaces the eToys application on the launcher with Laby, a educational game that teaches children the basics of programming. A new character is introduced to the Qimo environment. Illa (pronounced 'ee-la') is a polar bear.

Qimo 2.0 desktop.

Qimo is based on Xubuntu Linux. If you're already using Ubuntu 10.04, Qimo can be run within your existing OS by using Apt-get or Synaptic to add the qimo-session package from the Universe repository. Qimo 2.0 can be dowloaded via BitTorrent and mirrored at USF, NiuX, and the University Roma.

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  • Try DoudouLinux!

    We have launched a new kid's Linux this summer. Its name is DoudouLinux ( http://www.doudoulinux.org/ ) and its main goals are the following:

    * be as easy to use as a gaming console
    * provide as much kid oriented apps as possible (currently around 50)
    * drive small children into mastering computer use from age 2
    * be natively in kids language, we currently support 8 languages and provide 7 additional demo languages
    * be simple for Dad and Mum too (no administration, no updates – it's read-only system, no naughty web sites – thanks to web content filtering, etc.)

    Well we propose you to give it a try and let us know blunk. Thank you in advance.
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