Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 for New Processors

Apr 01, 2010

Red Hat has increased Linux version 5.5 compatibility and is providing new packages.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 should be hardware compatible with the new eight-core and twelve-core core processors from Intel, AMD and IBM. New packages have a stable, multiplatform-supported (and Windows 7 compatible) Samba 3 on board, together with PostgreSQL version 8.4, the FreeRADIUS AAA server, and the gPXE bootloader that just released as 1.0.0 in February.

As with RHEL 5.4 that appeared in early September 2009, Red Hat is serious about virtualization and built its SPICE open source protocol into 5.5, albeit with some caveats on stability. Details are in the release notes.

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