Save The ScreenSavers!

Apr 02, 2009

XScreenSaver is one of the most widely-used screensaver applications for Linux systems. The Debian project is seeking new maintainers to help keep the software running.

XScreenSaver offers a large collection of screensavers to the Linux world. At this time, only two people are charged with the task of maintaining the package and these individuals are currently lacking the time the project demands. For this reason, they have turned to the Linux community for help and encourage all interested parties to offer up their abilities.

Co-maintainers should check and sort tickets, fix bugs and initialize patches. In addition, they should test whether the new releases function well in cooperation with corresponding packages such as Kscreensaver. Also, some tasks for the almost complete Version 5.0.8 are on the table: the closed patches should be checked and any issues that arise with Kscreensaver should be accordingly resolved.

The software is hosted over GIT-repositories and interested parties may respond to Bug#521783 , create a fork in GIT, and then begin. An overview of available screensavers can be found on the XscreenSaver website.

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  • Kill-joys are most hated when right

    Let Xscreensaver die. Our problems with global warming will kill it. Giga-Watts of displays flashing and spinning, why?
  • Suggestions

    I am not able to offer help, but a suggestion.

    New screen savers should be semi intelligent
    and semi-persistent game-like interactive
    activity. With a button to stop it and return
    to the desktop manually, when the interactive
    part is boring you, or the boss comes happy
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