Scalix 11.2 as a Hosted Groupware Service

Oct 04, 2007

The latest 11.2 update of the Scalix groupware supports multi-tenant environments and hosting as a groupware service.

According to the vendor, a Scalix server installation can be partitioned. Each partition has its own address books and list. This removes the need for a virtualization solution, as the server can handle separate users autonomously.

Xandros CEO Andreas Typaldos, who recently acquired Scalix, sees a new target group: "We are moving into the service provider space with hosted Exchange-like functionality at a competitive price, with a low footprint and the benefits of administration as derived from a Linux-based solution." says Typaldos. Multi-tenant use is subject to separate licensing depending on the number of users.

The commercial version of Scalix 11.2 adds a feature for synchronization with Windows Mobile devices. The Community version and the commercial product are both available as downloads on the Scalix website.

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