Thunderbird 3.1 Adds Filter Bar

Jun 28, 2010

Quickly filter your entire inbox with 3.1's most notable new feature.

Mozilla Messaging released Thunderbird 3.1, bringing improved speed, bug fixes and some new features to the open source email client. The most immediately noticeable feature is the added filter bar, which appears beneath the search bar, within each tab. The filter bar allows for quick message sorting by subject, keyword, sender – all pretty standard.

Among the other new features, an improved migration assistant that allows users to keep their current custom buttons or go with Thunderbird 3.1's refined set. A Mail Account Setup Wizard gets added, finally or unnecessarily, depending on your opinion of the project and the people who use it. Finally, a Save File Manager allows you to view all of the attachments you've downloaded, yes, even your grandmother's vacation photos.

Thunderbird 3.1 is available now for Linux, Mac, and PC. For download information and full release notes visit, the Mozilla Messaging site.

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