Ubuntu 9.04 Picks up Nouveau Drivers for NVIDIA Cards

Dec 10, 2008

The many years of hard work and reverse engineering that went into developing the free Nouveau drivers for NVIDIA graphics cards have finally paid off. Nouveau is now included in the repository of the next Ubuntu 9.04 release.

The jaunty-changes mailing list announces rather succinctly that the Nouveau drivers are now "accepted" in the Ubuntu 9.04 release.
Ubuntu users who don't want to avail themselves of the free NVIDIA drivers, or feel that the xf86-nv drivers don't provide enough features, can simply install the Nouveau alternative from the repository. Nouveau drivers can support the Riva, Geforce, and Quadro series of the NVIDIA graphics cards. Even though Nouveau is still in its experimental stage and not yet ready for adoption as a standard video driver, Ubuntu already provides the package for download.

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