Ubuntu One Clients for KDE and Fedora

Nov 26, 2009

Ever since the Ubuntu One cloud service played an important role in Ubuntu 10.04, a new prototype of a KDE client has become available. A port to Fedora is also in the works.

Kubuntu One?

Kubuntu users are staying on track with Canonical's cloud service in more ways than one. First, there is no native client, only the GNOME applet, and second, the service might synchronize Tomboy notes and the Evolution address book, but no KDE files.

This should all change with the upcoming Lucid Lynx 10.04 release. Kubuntu developer Harald Sitter is working on a native KDE client for Ubuntu One. As he says in his blog, a first tech preview is available for download. The program is still rather buggy and is truly just a prototype not to be used on a daily basis with Ubuntu One.

Once the primary support for KDE is built in, the applicable Akonadi CouchDB integration will make synchronizing with favorite KDE PIM files possible. This should make the upcoming months exciting for Kubuntu users.

Fedora too?

Independent of the Kubuntu project, Fedora developer Thomas Vander Stichele is working on an Ubuntu One client for Fedora. Because Ubuntu One is at least partially a closed code project, it creates somewhat of a challenge. The Ubuntu developers have cooperated, however, so that a corresponding patch to the original source code now makes it possible to use the basic functions with Fedora. The patch was necessary because the Ubuntu 9.10 client had a serious bug and Canonical purposefully excluded this client version on the server side from access to the Ubuntu One cloud.

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