Xandros Unveils Linux for Freescale Netbooks

Feb 16, 2009

Xandros has launched an ARM based Linux version for netbooks and Mobile Internet Devices at the Mobile World Congress in Spain's Barcelona.

While not many details of the Debian based system were revealed, Xandros proclaimed a fast boot speed, energy saving performance and stable 3G connectivity. OEMs will have the option of choosing individual applications and components from a software stack, and according to Xandros, the multitude of tools at their disposal enables the tailoring of its solutions to specific markets and user demographics.

One example is the online Application Store which allows access to software and other application for service providers and carriers. Echoes of the Android Market and other comparable concepts from Nokia and co.

Standard features include a browser, push mail, PIM, Instant Messaging, a photo viewer, media player and an office suite that can create and edit Microsoft Office documents. Xandros also promises support for both touchscreen and keyboards along with consistency in the appearance and behavior of their devices.

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