2009 Linux New Media Awards

Apr 30, 2009

At CeBIT 2009, Linux New Media AG presented its annual awards for outstanding contributions to Linux and Open Source. The OpenStreetMap project took two of the six Linux New Media Awards.

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Patents, Protests, Plebiscites, and Protecting your freedom Lunch with Richard Stallman

Apr 28, 2009

When he attended a rally in Munich this month, Richard Stallman took time out of his busy schedule to talk with our News Editor, Britta Wülfing. The conversation covered everything from Software as a Service, to patents, protests, international politics, and protecting your freedom.

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Adobe Reader Under Threat

Apr 27, 2009

Speaking at the RSA security conference in San Francisco 2009, chief security officer of F-Secure, Mikko Hypponen, advised against the use of Adobe's Acrobat and recommended users switch to an open source PDF reader.

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OSDC Conference via Live Stream

Apr 24, 2009

From April 29 to April 30 the Open Source Data Center (OSDC) Conference will be held in Nuremberg, Germany. All talks of the two-day-conference will be available on live stream and video here on Linux Magazine.

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Previews of MySQL 5.4 and MySQL Cluster 7.0

Apr 22, 2009

Sun Microsystems is previewing its upcoming MySQL 5.4 and MySQL Cluster 7.0 database products.

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Richard Stallman, Farmers and the German CSU Party Unite Against Patents

Apr 16, 2009

Members of the Foundation for Free Information Infrastructure (FFII), the Piratenpartei (Pirate Party), Greenpeace, the Misereor Catholic organization, and farmers' unions against the European Patent Office (EPO) recently assembled at a rally in Munich, Germany. Demonstrators included Richard Stallman, who added his own testimonial to those united against the EPO.

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Chaos Communication Congress 25th Chaos Communication Congress

Mar 31, 2009

Chaos Communication Congress visitors were probably more interested in their digital civil rights, as reflected in the congress motto "Nothing to hide," but first they had to cope with closed ticket counters and overflowing rooms.

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SXSW Interactive Report Action in Austin

Mar 27, 2009

The South by Southwest Interactive conference purports to showcase the best minds and brightest personalities in emerging technology. The Interactive portion of this year's event took place from March 12-16 in Austin, Texas. The entire SXSW festival is composed of Interactive, Film, and Music conferences and turns the city of Austin into one large media fest.

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