Web 2.0 Expo 2010 Schedule Announced

Sep 15, 2010

It's a veritable who's who in the online industry.

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Palm Design VP Joins Nokia as VP of MeeGo UX

Sep 14, 2010

Peter Skillman brings interface knowledge to burgeoning open source platform.

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Google Evolves Code.Google.Com

Sep 13, 2010

Select an OSI-approved license directly from license selector.

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Linux Foundation Announces 2010 End User Summit Speakers

Sep 08, 2010

Advanced users from British Telecom, Citigroup, NASDAQ, and Morgan Stanley to speak.

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News This month's news

Aug 30, 2010
Where you go, MeeGo Eclipse 4.0 SDK released MeeGo to become platform for Vehicle Infotainment Interview with C......
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Mozilla Releases Fennec Alpha for Android and Nokia N900

Aug 27, 2010

The mobile Firefox browser offers add-ons and Firefox Sync support.

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Ubuntu 11.04 Developer Summit Announced

Aug 26, 2010

Better know a Narwhal.

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MeeGo Extends Call for Proposals

Aug 24, 2010

You have until Friday, August 26 to submit additional proposals.

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