Customizing your home router with OpenWrt


OpenWrt considerably extends the WRT54GL's capabilities compared with the original software. The basic system comes with an enormous feature set, which also is extensible by installing modules – for example, for UPnP or QoS (Quality of Service).

If you are not an experienced user, you should avoid installing the software. Because of the enormous number of options, the risk of a broken configuration is considerable.

On top of this, the web-based management interface is not exactly intuitive at times. Various functions hide behind confusing links or are only accessible by  taking convoluted detours.


  1. OpenWrt:
  2. Linksys:
  3. X-Wrt:
  4. X-Wrt firmware download:
  5. FreeWRT:
  6. DD-WRT:
  7. Linksys WRT firmware:

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