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  • Bodhi Linux 7.0 Beta Ready for Testing

    The latest iteration of the Bohdi Linux distribution is now available for those who want to experience what's in store and for testing purposes.

  • Command Line – coreboot

    Coreboot lets you build your own custom firmware while learning more about Linux.

  • Perfect Time

    What do you do when all your Bluetooth clocks show slightly different times? With some reverse engineering, you can write a Python program to synchronize your clocks.

  • Tutorial – Carbonyl Graphical Web Browser

    This Chromium port can run inside any console, with minimal resources, and is a great tool for making old computers really useful – and learning programming along the way.

  • Tutorial – nnn

    If you're a Linux lover, you'll know the command line is the slickest and most efficient way to interact with the system. Free yourself from point-and-click with the nnn command-line file manager.

  • Abbreviated

    Espanso is a cross-platform text expander that can do far more than simply replace text modules.

  • Unlocking the Benefits

    The Open Data Institute's Lisa Allen explains why open data matters and what it will take for more widespread adoption.

  • Welcome

    I happen to be writing this column on a day when the US Senate is conducting hearings on artificial intelligence (AI) and, specifically, whether a need exists for greater regulation.

  • FOSSPicks

    With the demise of Twitter API access to the beautiful open source client, Harpy, Graham has spent the month on, hoping Harpy's developer brings their skills to the Fediverse.

  • On the DVD

    Xubuntu 23.04 and Fedora Workstation 38

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