• Efficiency Angel

    Germany created Blue Angel, the world's first eco-label for software, back in 2000. The methodology behind Blue Angel could serve as a model for other countries as governments turn their attention to the environmental impact of software.

  • Music Maker

    MusE, a digital audio workstation, offers a free software solution for MIDI projects on Linux.

  • OPC UA on a Raspberry Pi

    Use Python and Node-RED to create an industrial client-server test system.

  • maddog's Doghouse

    Bugs and security issues aren't limited to open source software, despite comments to the contrary.

News and Articles

  • Pop!_OS 22.04 Has Officially Been Released

    From the makers of some of the finest Linux-powered desktop and laptop computers on the market comes the latest version of their Ubuntu-based distribution, Pop!_OS 22.04.

  • Coming of Age

    If you haven't looked at Plasma Activities in awhile, you should take a second look. Recent updates make the tool the ultimate for organizing your desktop.

  • Star Labs Unveils a New Small Format Linux PC

    The Byte Mk I is an AMD-powered mini Linux PC with Coreboot support and plenty of power.

  • MX Linux Verison 21.1 “Wildflower” Now Available

    The latest release of the systemd-less MX Linux is now ready for public consumption.

  • Sentry

    Maltrail is a lightweight analysis tool that examines network traffic and raises the alarm if it detects suspicious access or dubious name resolution.

  • News

    In the news: Linux Mint Dropping Blueberry Bluetooth Configuration Tool; Fedora 36 Beta Now Has a Release Date; AV Linux MX-21 Released for All Your Audio/Video Production Needs; Slax Proves You Can't Keep a Good Linux Distribution Down; Dirty Pipe Might Be the Most Severe Vulnerability to Hit Linux in Years; and A Decades-Old Linux Backdoor Has Been Discovered.

  • Linux Voice Introduction

    This month in Linux Voice.

  • eg Explains

    Need to know how to use a command-line tool? eg provides real life examples, and it is easier to access than the man pages.

  • Integrity Check

    A backup policy can protect your data from malware attacks and system crashes, but first you need to ensure that you are backing up uncorrupted data.

  • Photo BookEngineering

    Instead of composing photo books online, Mike Schilli prefers to use Ruby and TeX to program an application that generates print-ready PDF books.

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