• In Series

    We explore serial communications, from the electrical specs to protocols and libraries, with an example of serial communication with an Arduino.

  • Messenger Bee

    BeeBEEP offers a complete chat solution for small businesses or projects, allowing you to send messages and share files within your network without relying on the cloud or complicated office infrastructure.

  • Single Source Protection

    Mistborn bundles important Internet services on your home network and secures them with a WireGuard VPN tunnel, Pi-hole, iptables rules, and separate containers.

  • FOSSPicks

    The release of digiKam 7 has Graham thinking about resurrecting his old photo manager for KDE, Kalbum, last updated in 2004!

News and Articles

  • Visualize

    Lots of COVID-19 data is available through online REST APIs. With a little ingenuity and some open source tools, you can extract and analyze the data yourself.

  • NEWS

    Updates on technologies, trends, and tools

  • Remote Control

    Ease the process of managing Linux installations remotely with the web-based Ajenti control panel.

  • Obfuscation Filter

    Mike Schilli loves his privacy. That's why he's created a Go program that adds a geo-obfuscation layer to cellphone photos before they are published on online platforms to prevent inquisitive minds from inferring the location.

  • File Comparison

    With support for more than 60 file formats, diffoscope extends the power of diff beyond the plain text or HTML file.

  • On the DVD

    Linux Magazine 20th Anniversary Archive DVD

  • Databases

    Usql is a useful tool that lets you manage many different databases from one prompt.

  • Hobby Time

    Reading and understanding the complete Linux kernel is a challenging project. A hobby kernel lets you implement standard OS features yourself in a few hundred lines of code.

  • Safe Passage

    Muon/Snowflake lets you manage SSH access via an easy-to-use GUI with a wealth of useful functions.

  • Slimline

    Are you in the market for a slim, light, and power-packed laptop? We test an upgradeable machine from Tuxedo.

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