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© Lead Image © Tomasz Pacyna,

© Lead Image © Tomasz Pacyna,

Article from Issue 246/2021

PyPy and Nuitka improve the performance of Python on a Raspberry Pi.

Python apps on lower-end hardware like Raspberry Pis can be a bit slow, but luckily you have some options that can improve their performance. A number of interesting packages allow you to compile, interpret, or repackage your Python apps. In this article, I highlight two packages that have given me good success:

  • PyPy [1] – a replacement to the native Python interpreter that runs more than four times faster
  • Nuitka [2] – a native Python utility to compile Python apps to C code

How a Python application performs is based on a lot of different factors, so it's important to know the limitations and how best to work with them. PyPy and Nuitka might not work for all applications, but for many common types of projects they are great fits.


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