Button Moving Script for Ubuntu 10.04

Mar 11, 2010

The new Ubuntu theme got a lot of community acclaim. However, a few commentators complained about a particular feature: the position of the buttons in the taskbar.

The Ubuntu designers most recently repositioned the buttons to close, minimize and maximize the window in the upper left corner. Those of us used to quick mouse activity might find the new positioning a bane to our workflow. Fortunately a new Python script exists to remedy this situation, as announced in the OMG! Ubuntu blog. The script repositions the buttons with the help of a GUI, thereby avoiding having to muck with GNOME's awkward GConf editor.

Downloading the script is as easy as following a link, storing it locally and executing it. Then in Nautilus it's simply right-mouse-clicking and selecting Properties:Settings and putting a check mark in "Run program as file." Finally, double-click the program, do an execute and the special window will show up.

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  • Thanks for the hint

    Thanks for the hint. Moving the buttons was a nonsensical move.
  • Changing button layout

    Slava - Thanks! The script ran perfectly (and I'm an absolute beginner in terminal) - Thanks heaps. Simple re-ordering of the words in parentheses allowed me to order them as I liked, include or omit spacer... Your advice is appreciated.
  • to move buttons to the right

    copy and paste this line into your terminal
    gconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string “menu:minimize,maximize,close,spacer”
  • buttons

    thanks for the code. after the overnight upgrade to my old compaq, i wasn't in a mood to have to deal with this.
  • Title bar button fix

    I blogged about this with an easy fix:
  • Put the Buttons BACK!!

    I have for 25 years found the buttons on the upper right of the task bar. To move them just to be different or even to be like Apple is utterly stupid. The majority of the universe uses an OS where the buttons are in the upper right. We therefore will require lots of concentration to open or close windows. I for one will not attempt to make the change.

    I will try the Python script and if it works fine. If not I'll move to Mandriva or Mint like I'm sure the majority will.
  • Buttons!

    Yes indeed, buttons.

    Moving the controls around is a sure and certain way to stir up a hornets nest, and my cynical take on this effort is that (allegedly) there is no such thing as bad publicity. Well, maybe.

    Looked at in this light, this is a nice, safe, non-life-threatening controversy to raise awareness of the new look in Lucid Lynx. Hey, they can always change their mind before release! Lots of people will (by then) have become aware of the buttons, and the relatively easy way that they can be located wherever you please in Ubuntu.

    So.... that might explain why the controversial left-side buttons are in the wrong order even for a Mac!

    I've tried them both ways - on Puppy Linux, as it happens - and could no more rely on left side buttons for work than I could safely drive a vintage Bentley (accelerator pedal in the middle) for more than a few minutes in controlled conditions. It's weird. Ones body builds up action memories over time, and it makes no sense to fool with them without compelling reasons.

    ymmv - Ben
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