Google Evolves Code.Google.Com

Sep 13, 2010

Select an OSI-approved license directly from license selector.

Google open source and public sector engineering manager Chris DiBona announced the evolution of the company's Open Source Initiative.



"In our day-to-day work looking after open source licensing, we lamented the proliferation of licenses and decided that we would split the difference and only offer a very limited subset of the approved OSI license choices to our users as a stand against the proliferation of time," Dibona said in a blog post.



In an effort to further expand adoption, Code.Google.Com has added a license selector option that allows any project to use any OSI compatible license. To use this option, simply select "Other Open Source" and then specify in licensing or copying file, which license you intend to use.



DiBona also states that public domain projects are still only accepted on a case-by-case basis.

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