Kwaak3 Ports Quake3 to Android

Feb 26, 2010

IPhones and Nokia's N900 already have Quake3 versions. What could be more appropriate than a version of the shooter game for Android? The first release is now available to be downloaded.

As so often occurs with open source projects, the Quake3 port to Android was motivated by a developer acquiring new hardware. In this case it was user alias thunderbird2k who got a Motorola Milestone as a gift. He took one look at the Quake3 port for the N900 and quickly set himself upon reworking it for his Android mobile phone.

The result is a ready-made Android app, Kwaak3, available for download from the project page. Prerequisites for the shooter classic are Android as of version 1.6 and a minimum 256 MBytes RAM. The game is optimized for devices with a keyboard, with future work to be done on those without.

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