Issue #236 / Jul 2020

DVD: Fedora 32 workstation and Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 LTS

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The rigid structure of nested files and directories used on computer systems around the world was created more than 60 years ago, and experts believe we can do better. This month, you’ll learn about some scripts for semantic file tagging in Linux.

Also inside:

  • Manage personnel and projects with ProjectLibre
  • Build an e-commerce solution with OpenCart

Turn to MakerSpace if you’ve always wondered how to water your plants with a Rasp Pi, and check out LinuxVoice for a tour of two useful Markdown editors.

SERVICE: Welcome

The New Mall

Walmart purchased in 2016 with the usual fanfare that comes from a $3.3 billion corporate purchase. was an up-and-coming online company, only a year old, that was trying to get an edge on the retail market by offering an innovative discount system and improving the distribution chain.

SERVICE: This Month's DVD

Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop and Fedora 32


In the news: Linux Usage Is on the Rise; Lenovo Is Jumping on the Linux Laptop Bandwagon; A New Linux Laptop Is in the Making; Ubuntu 20.04 Released; and Git 2.26 Released.

NEWS: Kernel News

This month Zack discusses adapting to COVID-19, and l33t security. 

NEWS: Semantic File Organization

Reinventing file storage with semantic tagging

Assigning file names based on defined criteria saves time and maximizes your chances of finding the file later.

REVIEWS: Distro Walk: Linux COVID-19

How Linux distributions are fighting COVID-19

Several leading Linux distributions are taking steps to address the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

IN-DEPTH: Top Coder

Solving a classic interview problem with Go

Springtime is application time! Mike Schilli, who has experience with job application procedures at companies in Silicon Valley, digs up a question asked at the Google Engineering interview and explains a possible solution in Go.

IN-DEPTH: OpenCart

Setting up an e-commerce OpenCart system

With OpenCart, a free, open source e-commerce system, you can put a store online in a matter of minutes.

IN-DEPTH: Custom Publishing

Designing ebooks with free software

With LibreOffice Writer and Calibre, you can publish your own ebooks with better results than most online conversion tools.

IN-DEPTH: Housekeeping

Managing your Debian packages with debfoster

When it comes to weeding out unnecessary packages on your Debian system, debfoster lets you conveniently arrange all your housekeeping functions into a single command.

IN-DEPTH: Charly's Birds

Charly's Birds

Charly ran a first-generation Rasp Pi for years in the birdhouse in his garden, but the Rasp Pi eventually fell foul of marauding wasps. Now Charly has replaced it with an RPi3 featuring a NoIR cam and motion detection.

IN-DEPTH: bauh

Manage Flatpak, Snap, and AppImage packages with bauh

The bauh package manager can cope with Flatpaks, Snaps, AppImages, AUR, and native web apps.

: Monitoring Old Devices

Monitor your old Linux devices

Create monitoring dashboards with SSH, command-line tools, and Node-RED.

: Automated Irrigation

Water your plants with a Raspberry Pi

An automated watering system comprising a Raspberry Pi Zero W, an analog-to-digital converter, and an inexpensive irrigation kit can help keep your potted plants from dying of thirst.

LINUX VOICE: Introduction


This month in Linux Voice.

LINUX VOICE: Doghouse – Linux on Laptops

Maddog examines the complicated relationships between laptop manufacturers, computer stores, and Linux users.


Play along with ChordPro

If you play a stringed instrument and want to record lyrics and chord changes, ChordPro gives you an elegant and convenient approach to getting it all on paper.

LINUX VOICE: Mark Text and VNote

Advanced Markdown Editors – Mark Text and VNote

Upgrade your Markdown game! Markdown editors Mark Text and VNote both offer a wide range of tools and options for users who want to get the most out of a text editor.


Innovative desktop environment

Offering a lean desktop, theShell demonstrates what an easy-to-use interface can look like if you think beyond outdated conventions.


Graham Morrison has finally found a Linux-legitimate excuse to invest in virtual reality with the new VR desktop and the now 6,000 Windows games running on Linux with Proton.

LINUX VOICE: Follow the Money

Organize your Finances with KMyMoney

Looking for software to help you manage your money? The personal finance program KMyMoney can help you track income and expenses and better plan your financial future.

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