• Pilot Program

    Dim, a relatively new open source media manager, looks to implement the appearance and feature set of the commercial Plex media center.

  • Keeping the Books

    In many classroom settings, paper grade lists and the good old class register are still the rule. The AlekSIS project offers a 21st century solution for small schools that want to go digital.

  • Full Control

    Security and anonymization play an increasingly important role on the Internet due to the endless appetite of Internet companies for personal data. Portmaster and the Safing Privacy Network will help you protect your privacy – even if you're not a security expert.

  • Dog House – Local Internet Support

    Tools such as community servers and local web traffic caches can help improve community Internet service.

News and Articles

  • SpiralLinux is a New Linux Distribution Focused on Simplicity

    A new Linux distribution, from the creator of GeckoLinux, is a Debian-based operating system with a focus on simplicity and ease of use.

  • HP Dev One Linux Laptop is Now Available for Pre-Order

    The System76/HP collaboration Dev One laptop, geared toward developers, is now available for pre-order.

  • Distro Walk – Devuan

    Devuan, with its promise of Init Freedom, provides users an alternative to systemd as an init process.

  • Passing Secrets

    The Tor project supports a formidable collection of tools for protecting your privacy on the Internet. We'll give you some background on Tor and help you get started with the Tor Browser.

  • Zack's Kernel News

    Zack Brown reports on taking a header and the next Spectre vulnerability.

  • FOSSPicks

    Graham looks at TerraForge3D, nheko, Navidrome, ddcutil, and much more!

  • Programming Snapshot – A Go Wordle Cracker

    Wordle, a simple online word game, took the world by storm in February. Mike Schilli has developed a command-line tool to boost his Wordle streak using some unapproved tactics.

  • Spice Is Nice

    Keep your team collaborating with BlueSpice, a wiki tool focused on professional customers.

  • Lightning Protection

    The Thunderbolt interface supports extremely fast data transfer rates, but be careful about what you plug into your port, because Thunderbolt devices access memory directly. We'll show you some Linux tools for locking down your Thunderbolt interface.

  • Welcome

    As this magazine goes to press, Elon Musk, who is attempting to buy Twitter, has announced that, once he ascends to the helm of the micro-blogging colossus, a certain politician who was previously banned from the platform will be let back in. I'll pop in with my usual disclaimer: We talk about tech here, not politics.

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