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What happens if the FSF collapses?

The Future of the FSF


With the controversy surrounding Richard Stallman’s reinstatement to the Free Software Foundation board refusing to go away, Bruce contemplates the future of the FSF.

A Survey of Init Systems

Init Alternatives


While most distros ship with systemd, init alternatives exist. Here are a few of the leading init systems available for Linux.

Ubuntu 21.04 Adds Support for Active Directory and Other Major Changes


Can the Free Software Foundation Save itself?

The Road Ahead


The controversy surrounding Richard Stallman has raised questions about the Free Software Foundation's relevance.

Linux Creator Warns Next Kernel Could be Delayed


Installing Xubuntu on a Dell notebook

IN-DEPTH: Upgrade free

Getting started with the ELK Stack monitoring solution

IN-DEPTH: Elk Hunting free

OpenMandriva Lx 4.2 has Arrived


Real-time plots in 20 lines

NEWS: The Plot Twists free


Elementary OS is Bringing Multi-Touch Gestures to the OS