Rescuing your vacation snapshots with Gimp


Article from Issue 63/2006

Gimp will help you dial up the quality on your less-than-perfect digital


The subject of your photo is

slightly off-center, and the exposure

isn’t quite what you expected.

The flash caused some undesirable

reflections, and the colors

give away the less-than-perfect

weather (Figure 1). But you

had a great time on your last

vacation, and you would like

your photos to be as perfect as

your memories. Gimp can help

bring out the best in your imperfect


The Right


One of the most obvious mistakes

in a photo is caused by

the photographer not holding

the camera straight. Gimp can

correct this using the rotation

tool ( Rotate the layer or selection).

Keep the default of

Transform layer for Affect:, and

select Cubic (best) for Interpolation

to keep as much image

data as possible. Now drag the

mouse to rotate the image until the

edges are straight.

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