On the DVD

On the DVD

Article from Issue 186/2016

CentOS 7 (1511) and Tails 2.2


CentOS 7 (1511), 64-bit INSTALL ONLY

The version of CentOS 7 on this month's DVD is the third major release derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2. This installation-only image offers a number of environments, including file, print, and web servers, as well as Gnome and KDE Plasma workspaces. CentOS 7 features:

  • an updated networking stack
  • TLS 1.1/1.2 support in some packages
  • Btrfs, OverlayFS, and DNSSEC support
  • live patching (kpatch)

Tails 2.2, 32-bit Live

Tails is a Live operating system based on Debian that helps you preserve privacy and anonymity through the use of cryptographic tools, the Tor network for Internet activities, and leave-no-trace desktop policies. In addition to bug fixes, you'll find:

  • Tor browser updates
  • security fixes to glibc, cpio, LibreOffice, and libssh2
  • support for viewing DRM-protected DVD videos
  • KeePassX database saves after every change






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