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On the DVD

Article from Issue 229/2019

Arch Linux and CentOS 8.0.1905


CentOS 8

CentOS is a community-based distro based on source code from Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The latest edition comes with enhanced virtualization, as well as better support for LUKS2 disk encryption and an improved Image Builder tool. The nftables framework replaces iptables as the default packet filter, and the new release also includes the innovative extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) feature as a technology preview.

Arch Linux

Many seasoned Linux users consider Arch Linux the ultimate hacker distro. Arch starts with a minimalist "keep it simple" approach and lets users build the system around their own needs. The popular pacman package manager and other native tools combine to provide a unique Linux environment with a cult following among Linux developers and other power users.

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