On the DVD

On the DVD

Article from Issue 193/2016

Arch Linux and Chapeau 24


Arch Linux

The Arch community bills their distro as "a lightweight and flexible Linux distribution that tries to Keep It Simple" [1]. Although generally considered a distribution for Linux mavens [2], community members maintain a Newbie Corner for the curious [3]. The rolling release on this DVD is dated 2016.09. Pacman manages binary packages from official and community repositories, and the unofficial Arch User Repository (AUR) offers user-made PKGBUILD scripts for packages not included in the repositories.

Chapeau 24

Chapeau starts with Fedora Workstation and adds drivers and codecs missing from the all-free Fedora. The goal of the Chapeau developers is to create a friendly, out-of-the-box Linux that is for Fedora what Ubuntu and Mint are for Debian. This Live boot disc [4] derives from Fedora 24, with Linux kernel 4.7, Gnome 3.20 desktop, and the Yumex-DNF package management system. Chapeau is packed with audio, video, and productivity offerings [5]; version 24 also includes Nmap, Wayland, and five lightweight games.




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