What's new in Fedora 27


Fedora has taken some flack through the years from users who do not understand its primary purpose. Fedora Linux is a cutting edge distribution that's designed for developers and sys admins who want to keep an eye on new technologies coming into the enterprise space. It's not meant to play Steam games with the latest NVidia cards; you can do that with Fedora, but that's not its target market. Most of Fedora's new features are geared towards developers and sys admins, because that is Fedora's target audience.

If you're strictly a desktop user, however, you might still have an interest in Fedora because of its tight integration with Gnome; Fedora remains the distribution that introduces the latest and greatest features from the Gnome world.

Fedora has come a long way and is a distro that is well suited for a wide range of use cases. I use it for my work – and so does Linus.

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